Dalat is a very unexpected golfing destination but it actually has a history going back to 1922 when the French built the Dalat Palace Golf Club which remains one of the most famous golf courses in Asia. Dalat is located in the Southern part of the Central Highlands of Vietnam and was originally a popular hill station of the French colonialists who built villas here to escape the heat and humidity of Saigon and the other coastal areas. 

Dalat is not a large city and at times it resembles the French Alps as it is surrounded by hills covered in pines interspersed with lakes and framed by larger mountains in the background. The climate is near perfect and it is comfortably warm by day, and nice and cool at night, dropping to perhaps 10 degrees Celsius. During summer months it rains most days but is unusual to have prolonged rain and it usually clears quite quickly.

Dalat is a perfect place to stopover on a north-south tour (or vice versa), or as a one or two day side trip from Ho Chi Minh. For visitors its main attraction is the cooler weather, the wonderful clear mountain air and beautiful views. Dalat also gives an interesting glimpse of what life was like under the French and to see some of their surviving architecture.