Thailand Golf Secret Weapons

Most of the caddies in Thailand are female and using one is obligatory, and justifiably so. Their fee 300 baht, or about AUD $10 (Plus, another 400 baht tip), an indication that some Thai people are not overly familiar with life's little luxuries.


Obviously a caddie fee is a vital source of income for those many rural families who live near the courses. So, the smiles and expertise aside, you'd want to engage one if only for reasons of largesse. They're grateful for the employment and it shows, in their demeanor and the ever-present smiles.

  • The general rule as a tip for caddies is between 300-400 baht but most give 300 unless the caddie is really not up to the task.
  • There are some caddies that are experienced, but many only give you a rough guide. All are excellent at handling the details of your round of golf such as: giving you pretty good reads on distance, cleaning the ball on the greens, handling the flag etc
  • As far as line judgment on the greens, some are very good but others are not. The biggest mistake you can make is to trust their judgment completely.
  • A caddie for most people is a new experience , play your game as you would, make your decisions and test the caddies call but stick to your decisions. If she seems to know what shes talking about then you can rely on her more as the round continues.
  • They usually are shy at first (not always) waiting to see what type of golfers they have. But they love to play and light hearted teasing will get you a megawatt smile in return. And if they think you are relaxed person, you may get some gentle teasing in about your golf game.
  • Most cant speak English all that well, but will be able to use basic golf English. Of course they have a different accent so you will have to tune into it.
  • If you get a caddie you like, get her name and number and if you return to the course, you can request her for your caddie.
  • Playing golf with a caddie in Thailand is a great experience but remember they are working, they are not slaves. Treat them right and you get that returned in droves. Enjoy!