We have events throughout Thailand & Asia during the year and we have picked the best destinations and golf courses to play. The hotels are selected based on their location and price and although we offer a range of hotels, there is usually a tournament hotel that hosts all the welcome and farewell dinners and registrations, that we prefer players to stay at, however we understand everyone has different accommodation needs.

We have two types of events to choose from.


These are typically 6 night / 4 round tournaments that is played in the stableford format. The winner is the player with the highest 4 round total. We offer prizes each day to the winners and runner ups as well as Nearest the Pins on Par 3’s and best front and back nine scores.We also handicap each day to keep a fair playing field for the entire field of players.

The first day you can play with who you wish, the other days are a random draw for players, ensure scoring integrity. On the last day the top 8 players are drawn together and the others in the field can again play with who they like.

Players in these events come from around the world, with ages ranging from 25-80, both men and women with handicaps ranging from scratch to 45, the only thing we all have in common is that we loving playing golf.

Group Tours

Our group tours are generally smaller group of 8-20 people that just enjoy going to play the top courses and enjoying social rounds of golf.

Most people like to extend their golfing holiday while in Asia, so please ask us about extentions that are available for each of the tours below.

Hua Hin Golf Open October 2022

9-15 October 2022

Pattaya Golf Open October 2022

16-22 October 2022

  • Free Room Upgrade Offer !!
Chiang Mai October 2022

23-29 October 2022

  • New Tour for 2023
Kanchanaburi March Pre tour

6-11 March 2023
Group Tour

Hua Hin March 2023

12-18 March 2023

  • Our Most Popular Tour
Siam Masters March 2023

19-25 March 2023

  • Ladies Golf Tour
Queen of Clubs April 2023

16-22 April 2023
Group Tour

Khao Yai October Pre tour

10-15 October 2023
Group Tour

Pattaya Golf Open October 2023

15-21 October 2023

Chiang Mai October 2023

22-28 October 2023