Vietnam Golf Courses

The immediate image in the minds of most people at the mention of Vietnam is that of the Vietnam War fought against the United States. Today, despite lingering signs of past American involvement, the situation in Vietnam now is markedly different. Championship golf courses can be found across the country and luxurious golf resorts have been built in the city, countryside, and beach areas. With golf clubs stretched from North to South, golfers have multiple choices.

Vietnam is lucky in so far as it possesses tropical year round golf weather, an expansive coastal shore, and temperate central and northern regions. Thus, the country’s golf courses offer almost every environment the serious golfer including year round playing conditions.

When speaking about golf in Vietnam, it is important to note the 5 championship golf courses all located near to Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon. Each of the Vietnam golf courses presents a unique challenge for golf lovers of all skill levels. In addition to PGA quality golf courses our tours include expertly selected accommodations at luxurious and/or boutique hotels all located within the Saigon city center.

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