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Chiang Mai Attractions

Chiang Mai is quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations in Thailand. The scenic mountain terrain beckons travellers to explore its peaks and forests, while the city is home to a wealth of historic and cultural sites waiting to be discovered.

Whether youíre the adventurous type who loves outdoor activities or a cultured epicure who loves to experience the finer things in life, a holiday in Chiang Mai will more than satisfy you Ė it will amaze you.

Riverside Attractions

Stretching 569 kilometers, the Mae Ping River is the lifeline of the Chiang Mai Province. Originating from Doi Chiang Dao it provides the water vital for the irrigation of rice paddies, gardens and crops. In many respects you would be justified in saying that the river it self, is the biggest attraction in this part of the city.

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Night Bazaar

Night Bazaar is arguably Chiang Maiís biggest attraction in its self, leading the modern legacy of the Yuannese trading caravans that would stop here along the ancient trade route between China and Myanmar. Historic attractions are a bit thin on the ground around here.

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Temples and Wats

Chiang Mai is defined by a 600 year old moat, sits in the shadow of a monastery built in the 14th century and is dotted with wats (temples) raised by kings in centuries long past. In ancient times kings built temples to demonstrate not only their devotion, but also their wealth and power.

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Doi Suthep

Doi Suthep is a constant part of life in Chiang Mai. A Thai saying goes, "If you haven't tasted Khao Soi or seen the view from Doi Suthep, you haven't been to Chiang Mai." This mountain overlooks the city from the northwest, providing commanding views from its summit.

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Chiang Mai Zoo and Night Safari

Although not the first thing that comes to mind when most people think of the city, the Chiang Mai Zoo is surprisingly interesting. Covering 200 acres of land in the foothills of Doi Suthep and providing excellent views of the city in addition to its fascinating wildlife exhibits, Chiang Mai Zoo is certainly worth a visit, especially if you've had your fill of temples.

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Doi Inthanon

The highest peak in Thailand, Doi Inthanon rises to a height of 2565 meters above sea level. This altitude means that temperatures are refreshingly brisk year round and regularly dip below freezing during the cool season. The national park which contains Doi Inthanon and bears its name covers 482 square km.

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As a major cultural centre and a place where the past and present meet, it's no surprise that Chiang Mai has a number of interesting museums. These museums preserve the art, culture and history of the Lanna (northern) Kingdom as well as the northern hilltribes and make excellent rainy day excursions. Chiang Mai's museums are certainly worth a visit.

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