A tour is only as good as the mix of people that participate. Our group ranges from singles, couples, non golfers to low handicappers. The only requirement for partipicants on our tours is a passion for travel ,enjoyment for golf and social company.
See what some of our previous clients have said about us and our tours.

As some of you know, I played golf in Thailand over Christmas.  Whilst I was there I played on some of the most amazing courses anywhere in the world, and my week was excellently organised by Mark Penfold.  


If any of you are thinking of a golf holiday in 2016, I would strongly recommend contacting Mark Penfold about options in Thailand and south east Asia - either on one of their pre-organised weeks or something bespoke as he did for me over Christmas.  

The flights are dead easy and Mark's team can meet you at the airport and take you straight to the hotels and golf courses.  It's also a great place to take non-golfing partners and children, with loads of non-golfing things to do.


Glenn Kelly.


"Being a regular now it poses no problem for me,but I do remember my first trip. I had concerns and anxieties but at that time i recieved your booklet a few weeks before leaving and i found that very helpful.Along with the info on the web site it was very comforting at the time. After reading the booklet and seeing the photos in your site I was excited and confident.This was my 4th trip and I had only been to the 14 day Pattaya tour before,so this was a little different doing 1 week in Hua Hin and 1 week in Pattaya.I have to say that the golf courses in Hua Hin are excellent.Black Mountain and Banyon are as good as any other I have played. I also liked that all the courses are very close to the hotel. For me this is a golfing holiday and my only concern is that I must get on the bus. I do not have to worry about tee times or transfers to and from the courses. On arrival at the courses I get off the bus, go to the club house to look in the pro shop, or get myself a locker so I can shower after the game.Then I make my way to the marshalling area and by magic there are my clubs on a cart, tees,balls and towels at the ready and my caddy for the day waiting patiently for me. After golf, my trusty caddy makes sure my bag is on the bus and I head for a shower and then a cold beer and a feed.


"Apart from Thailand being a wonderful holiday destination in its own right, coupled with several rounds at championship standard courses designed by some of the worlds top designers, then you will appreciate that something special is on offer. The hotel utulized by Thailand Golf Tours was excellent and a wonderful place to return and relax each day. I would say that at the costs involved, that these tours are great value for money. I can not only recommend a tour/trip, I am yearning for another trip - roll on next year."

Mark Addison, UK 

Mark Addison

"Being a first timer, i found the trip excellent, the organization behind the scenes exemplary. I will be there again, despite my playing ability as often as i can as the value for money,quality of golf courses, accommodation etc and meeting the with kindred type is a great experience andf thoroughly enjoyable. I already have organised my Alaskian friends to join us in the March 2007 tour."

John Scarlett, VIC

John Scarlett

"I have been on two Thailand Golf Tour trips and have nothing but praise for Mark. The whole package is beautifully done and the golf is great. I hope to go again next year."

Andrew Kandelas, NSW 

Andrew Kandelas

"My wife Rosemary and I had a ball, and probably the most important part of the trip was the mix of people on the tour. having never been to Thailand before, my wife and I were not sure what to expect, but the weather was very pleasant. Both Rosemary and myself would have no hesitation in returning to Thailand with ThailandGolf Tours group as we felt it was time, effort and money well spent."

Jim & Rosemary Smith, NSW 

Jim & Rosemary Smith

"All together there were 18 takers for the tour and it was Absolutely Wonderful. The tour was a great success - the courses remarkable, the facilities at courses ie carts and caddies -great, the accomodation and breakfasts were first class and the organization of golf days was excellent- from the bus tour to the courses to the buying of balls -on to the eating houses at night. Mark had a wonderful welcome pig roast and finished with a very nice Thai feast on the last night in Pattaya. Hopefully you will continue to support these tours in the future. Many thanks for a Great Opportunity."

Graeme Proud, VIC

Graeme Proud

Thank you for organising a well run and enjoyable tour. I will have no hesitation is recommending your tour to my friends or business associates. The variety of food was excellent at the Presentation Dinner and the trophies capped off a memorable and enjoyable trip. The golf courses were excellent and the rest days were well spaced out."

Denver De Zilwa, VIC

Denver De Zilwa

"The best holiday I have ever had."

Andy Hancock, VIC 

Andy Handcock

"First time I went to Thailand with Mark I was a little apprehensive as I was the only woman on the tour. I need not have worried as I was escorted as if it was a 5 star tour. Mark showed me all the sites, where to get massages, the best places to shop and eat and also some golf tuition thrown in as well. I have been to Thailand a total of 3 times with Thailand Golf Tours and each time have bought some new friends to enjoy the first rate golf courses, perfect weather and hospitality. I have been on quite a few golfing holidays but nothing compares to Thailand. Mark put together a great tour, jammed packed with everything you could want starting with a welcoming dinner and finishing with a presentation feast."

Martha Gee, NSW 

Martha Gee

"For anyone looking for a fantastically well organised golf tour to Thailand where you basically don't have to think about a thing, you couldn't go past Mark's golf holiday. The accommodation is fabulous, the golf courses out of this world and the cost is unbelievable. Mum & I joined 31 others on our October  holiday. We met lots of great people who were out to enjoy Pattaya and golf as much as we were. I was interested to know that many of the group had been on the tour in the past - now I know why!! For the ladies who are considering this holiday I can't recommend it highly enough. We were out numbered but Mark made sure that all the ladies knew where to shop, get massages and where the best & inexpensive eating experiences were. Couldn't recommend anything better than this!!!!"

Gale Sheiles, NSW 

Gale Sheiles

Thank you for a most enjoyable trip. It was a larger group than on my previous occasions but just as good. The organization was spot on and very smooth Thank you for a good tour and will endeavor to see you next year."

Max Trafford, WA 

Max Trafford

"The courses arranged by Thailand Golf Tours are first class and Laem Chabang would visually, be the best golf course I have played. If you have never played golf with a caddy who generally knows every turn on every green, you will be amazed how many one putts you will have ! Mark does a fantastic job of making sure every element of the tour is relaxing for every individual and the diversity of recreational activities caters for all age groups and interests. If you are lucky enough you may even pat an Iguana or two."

Richard Corby, VIC

Richard Corby

Having tasted Thai Golf Courses three years ago as a self organised venture, my mate John and I decided we would try an arranged tour and we weren't disappointed. Mark ran a well organised affair for 39 players, accomodation was excellent and as all of us were in the same hotel (Sabai Lodge) many good times were had after the golf. With BBQ's, relaxing around the pool and plenty of good friends to share our experiences it all added up to the best holiday we had ever experienced. The courses were well chosen and most were breathtaking. Marks hardworking efforts were well received by all participants and we will definitely be making an annual pilgrimage on future tours with Mark. If you have been contemplating going on one of these tours, do yourself a favour, make an effort and experience a golfers dream. 5+ stars. Thanks Mark and all the guys who assisted."

Steve Pike, WA

Steve Pike

"My first golf trip to Thailand was no less than fantastic. Mark and his teams organization was second to none in a country where it seems anything can happen and will happen. I am already planning to do the October 08 tour and the March 09 tour and already have a few mates who will come along after hearing my stories and the unforgettable trip it was. Hats off to Mark and his friendly staff."

Steve Fry 

Steve Fry

"Jenny & I would like to thank you for the way in which you cared for us on the March  tour. As a golfer & tourist I personally thought the whole arrangement of the tour was professional & yet relaxed and easy to enjoy. Your personal & professional attention to our needs was second to none and as a golfer I thought the golf courses,competition and organisation was excellent. I was particularly pleased with the consideration shown to Jenny's requirements as a non golfer and this in itself highlights yours and Cameron's attention for all your clients on tour. We thank you once again and look forward to next March with great anticipation when we will do it all again. Could you please forward to me a copy of pictures etc"

Alex & Jenny Morley 

Alex and Jenny Morley

"Hi Mark, 
Thanks for sending me the compilation of pictures of our golf tour. It did bring back happy memories. Sabai Lodge (the hotel) was ideal! Very well located. The staff were very friendly and the breakfasts were top class. We had a couple of evening meals at the hotel and they were excellent. Your idea of the Communication White Board was excellent and people were able to obtain the necessary information easily. Well done! The Golf courses were Top shelf !!! The courses were as you described them and I really enjoyed the experience of playing them. You have obviously modified the arrangements over the years and now you have developed a VERY good package. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of "social" golfers that were on the tour. I thought the mix would favour the low handicap, club golfers, but there were heaps of "social hackers ".I don't know if this is the case for other tours, but this fact could be stressed in your initial promotional material. This was my first experience of an overseas golf tour and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I certainly will book another tour with your group  Two of our Thursday's golf group ,will be going on your March trip, so our positive comments were noted! Thanks for your efforts in organizing the tour.You did a wonderful job and developed a great spirit within the group."


Brian McAuliffe

Image Coming Soon

"Two recent Thailand Golf Tours i that I have attended, under the control of Mark Penfold, were two of the best holidays I have experienced. 
I have traveled around the world over the years on holiday, and at every opportunity, I play golf. HOWEVER, playing in Thailand and especially with such a professional organization as Marks Thailand Golf Tours has certainly been the highlight of my golfing holidays.
The friendly Hotel staff, the happy caddies, the other players on tour, the great courses and all the delights of Thailand will be a cherished memory. (Hopefully to be repeated!) Congratulations to Mark and Cameron."

Shaun Coutts
Katherine NT

Shaun Coutts

"Hello Mark, 
Thanks for the great tour that I have just returned from. Thanks to the participants , who were friendly and very funny , made it a great way to spend 2 weeks. The Golf Courses, WOW - Laem Chabang - OUTSTANDING - Best course I have played ! Khao Kheow and Phoenix - Very Good too. I loved the Match Play at end of Tour as it allowed us to play at Laem Chabang again. Big THANKS to you Mark - Not an easy task to organise 60 knucklehead golfers and all their associated logistics in a foreign land,but with the help of the beautiful Thai people it all came together so wonderfully well . 10/10 Hope to see you again in GOLFERS PARADISE - PATTAYA"


john newton

"Hi Mark,
Just a few thoughts about the March tour. Once again I enjoyed myself to much again, big thanks to yourself & all your support staff. No problems about the Sabi Lodge , for me, my room near the pool was great, fair chance I will be booking the same room next year. The pre - tour info booklet came in very handy again with a few reminders of what & what not to do , it also gave me a chance to work out how much beer I was going to drink after seeing the list of starters."


John Walsh

john walsh

"Anyone looking for an enjoyable well run and very inexpensive golf holiday would be insane not to seriously look into this tour. It is a great way to explore a new country have a look around do some shopping and best of all enjoy some of the best golf courses in Asia ,buggies ,caddies, and well run events. The accommodation is great and the meals are a delight for the senses. After the game you can arrange at your own expense , a massage to ease the rigors of golf , or have a swim in the pool at the hotel, or even sit by the bar and retell the stories of your greatness at the course. You meet interesting people from all over the place. Everyone enjoys themselves, and you get to play with a lot of different people of all abilities. A trip not to be missed. Well worth looking into, and do what we did take some friends with you. We had five guys and five wives, the girls loved the shopping, and the boys loved the golf. A fun time was had by all."

Colin Slatyer
Underwood Qld.

Pic to come

"Hi Mark -
The October Tour was a first timer and I went with some nervousness not really knowing what to expect! The booklet you put together I found most helpful. 
The brief description of the courses didn't prepare me for the quality we encountered! The courses I thought were top class - a good choice and while probably a bit demanding for some high handicappers, were great layouts and in great condition. The game at Burapha was probably the toughest test given the grooming taking place for the Tour event. I thought you and your "Committee" did a great job in organising and running the competitions - the "Welcome" get together more than explained the way things would and did happen!
Mark, as a first timer the whole experience was memorable - the CD you have supplied is a fitting memento and reminder of the great courses and of Pattaya. The side trip to Kanchanaburi we made was a highlight and would not have been as enjoyable without your help and contacts!
I certainly would recommend your Tour to anyone contemplating a trip and look forward to participating in future Tour(s)!!"


Gary Musgrove 

Pic to come

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