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Just a decade ago, only a handful of people knew exactly what a "spa" was, and even fewer had enjoyed first-hand experience. Today, spas have become the talk of the global village. Thousands of places have been springing up all over the world offering "spa" facilities in response to the demand. Thailand has been on the cutting edge of this trend. With its tradition of natural healing arts such as ancient Thai massage, natural springs, an abundance of medicinal flora and a deserved reputation for excellent service, Thailand was ready to accommodate the demand and literally hundreds of spas have sprung up over the past few years. Whether you are a spa veteran, or thinking of venturing into the world of spas for the first time, it is important to have a little background knowledge about all the things a spa vacation can be. There are endless types of treatments and special programs plus varying levels of luxury, price and value.
Oil Massage Aromatherapy massage combines the traditional kneading-style massage with essential oils that have various specialized effects on the body and mind through both the skin and inhalation. The pressure tends to be lighter than with the "Swedish" massage, allowing the oils to do much of the work.
Ayurvedic Massage
Originating in India, Ayurveda, is an ancient holistic medicine promoting the unity of body, mind and spirit. Most spas that don't actually specialise in this form of medicine have adopted a few of Ayurveda's extensive range of treatments. Ayurvedic massage unblocks invisible points of energy flow, enabling the body to heal itself more effectively. These massages can include thorough scalp massage and body kneading performed by two therapists simultaneously, generally using special scented oils.

Deep Tissue Massage Deep-tissue Massage
Deep-tissue massage can be pretty intense for the newcomer - though very effective. The therapist works deep into the muscles to separate traumatized muscles that remain tight from extreme tension of injury. It can be a bit painful, since it involves manipulating the fascia, a thin tissue that connects muscle tissue.
Sports Massage
Sports massage is favoured by athletes since it tends to concentrate on muscle groups relevant to the activities that particular person performs. It is a deep massage and can be slightly painful for the uninitiated.

The Final Word

You won't find a better place to relax and restore than in one of Thailand's many top quality spas. Whether for weight loss, rejuvenation, or just letting go of the stresses of modern life, you can find the perfect place and tailor your program to suit your exact needs.

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