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Thailand is hot and sometimes very humid so light cotton clothing is the best. A hat is a must as the sun can be very strong. For golf bring your clubs, some airlines still allow sports equipment to travel free of your baggage allowance.


All hard currency is acceptable. Donít obtain Thai Baht in Australia, the banks rob you on the exchange rate. All credit cards are acceptable in the ATM machines and there are exchange booths all over town generally open to 8 pm. The local currency is the BAHT pronounced "bar"

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There is no Medicare (or equivalent ) in Thailand, all medical treatment is paid for by you. For this reason you must have health insurance before you come. The hospitals are first class and the local doctors and clinics good for minor problems. If you are on medication bring it with you, all drugs are sold over the counter but the availability of your particular medication is not guaranteed. For PATTAYA inoculations are not required but if you are going "up country" consult your doctor before you leave.


Unlikely as it may seem PATTAYA is probably one of the safest places you will ever visit. Discourse is disliked by the Thais, itís a cultural thing, and you will invariably be greeted with a smile wherever you go. Any problems are usually caused by intoxicated foreigners and even that is rare. Use commonsense, leave your valuables in your safe, take out only enough money for your needs. The local tourist police are there to help you and are generally on your side.


Tipping is a way of life throughout the far east. Your waitress, the girls in the bar, your caddie all rely on tips for a substantial part of their income. A good rule of thumb is 5 - 10% of your bill. As for your caddie, a reasonable tip is 150- 200 baht.


Most of the clothes you purchase in the Australia are made in the Far East the only difference is the price. Your local football shirt can be had for a song here. Hand made suites and shoes, CD and DVD recordings, leather gear, designer clothes you name it, its here. The local markets are the place to shop as the stores tend to be more expensive. Negotiating the price is expected with some big reductions to be had if business is slow.

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November to April is the dry season, hardly any rain at all. May - June gets very hot, July to October is the rainy season. During the rainy season the rain tends to be heavy but short lived. The golf is rarely affected by the weather, in fact golf is very good in the rainy season as the greens are holding and the Asian tourists are absent.

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